Review: Grayscale – ‘Diamond’; A Disappointing, Dull Affair


American pop punkers Grayscale are back with a very dancey tune, that's fun but still feels mediocre.

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The Philadelphian pop punk band Grayscale have just dropped their latest single since the release of their sophomore album Nella Vita titled ‘Diamond’ but sadly I don’t think this track shines as bright amongst the rest of their sparkling discography.

Since their formation in 2011, the American rockers have gone through several shifts in their sound, with their most recent record featuring many tracks that lean a lot more heavily on the pop side of the pop punk genre. However, this new single sounds very different from anything the band have ever released before.  ‘Diamond’ is drenched in catchy refrains, snappy drum beats and smooth guitar. All of these elements come together to create a super fun and danceable tune. Vocalist Collin Walsh has delved into the meaning of the song by saying “It’s a song about that ‘damn, everything feels so good right now, I’m just going to ride this wave before it crashes again’ feeling”.

Overall this song is not bad whatsoever but is quite disappointing when compared to the rest of the bangers the band have been able to produce. Grayscale are a band who usually flourish sonically with big hooks and memorable melodies, but here it feels like there is a big build-up to a very flat and lacklustre chorus. The single definitely does have a lot of replayability but this doesn’t feel like the Philadelphian five-piece are at their best.

‘Diamond’ is available now via Fearless Records.


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