Review: Meg Myers’ – ‘Any Way You Wanna Love’


Despite being largely unknown in the UK, Meg Myers‘ ‘Any Way You Wanna Love’ serves as the perfect introduction to the 80s disco-centric sounds that have dominated her music since her phenomenal 2018 album Take Me To The Disco. In the build-up to the release of her 2 EPs Thank U 4 Taking Me 2 The Disco and I’d Like To Go Home Now which act as a continuation of her 2018 album, this first single offers a glimpse of a maturing Meg Myers sound as well the embracing of the nostalgic disco-funk music scene. Simply put, this first single is nothing short of being one her greatest tracks yet, and offers a strong sense of hope for her upcoming EPs.

Starting with a harmonic choir and Myers’ distant singing of the song’s title ‘Any Way You Wanna Love’, the song quickly launches into making great use of strong backing drums and synthy sounds to create the foreground of that 80’s vibe that decorates her sound. Its repetitiveness enforces the beat with bassy undertones guiding the music as Myers spurts out poetic lyrics and rhymes like “bottled love is a suicide / you have a voice that can shed the light”.

As the song continues its layers sounds, reintroducing the choir that started the song and continuing until the chorus when everything drops away. This is when Myers’ vocals take center stage and her voice almost breaks on delivering the song’s title as the chorus along with raspy breathiness that packs a sense of emotions behind the lyrics. It’s enthralling to listen to as Myers then expertly transitions back to the disco heavy verses once again and continues the song. However, in the song’s final minute, Myers gently embraces a more pop-like sound more reminiscent of her 2015 album Sorry, bridging the gap between her sounds and hinting how her upcoming EP won’t be more songs in the same style of Take Me To The Disco but instead will working as a continuation and development from her 2018 album.

As the leading single for her upcoming EP, ‘Any Way You Wanna Love’ hits all the right spots in getting me excited. Hinting of what is to come, Meg Myers’ powerful single is one everyone should listen to at least once and is a singer that deserves a lot more attention in the UK that she currently receives.

‘Any Way You Wanna Love’ is available to listen to now via Sumerian Records. 


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