Review: Lindsey Stirling – Lose You Now (feat. Mako); A Comforting Warm Hug


Adding lyrics to the melody of her single "Guardian", Lindsey Stirling adds weight and a heartwarming reasurrance.

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Though only armed with a violin, Lindsey Stirling certainly has a way of telling an entire story without words. Whether it is to feel confident in yourself like with “Shatter Me” or how her Artemis album brought an entire narrative between the titular goddess and Nyx to life. Not every story is a powerful ballad though, and some of her quieter moments hold just as much impact – “Song of the Caged Bird” for example.

Admittedly “Guardian” from the Artemis album was not my favourite, as I felt like it needed lyrics or something to strengthen its impact on audiences. Then Lindsey Stirling asked Mako to write lyrics and the finished piece strikes a chord which moves “Lose You Now” into one of my all-time favourite tracks from the violinist.

Reworking the melody from “Guardian” to underly the new addition, “Lose You Now” strikes power with the combination of the two. I could easily picture it during a movie scene – and the touching reality of the music video cements that feeling. Remixing the background to be lighter piano to compliment Mako’s lyrics means that the full power of the violin is on display – particularly in the switch from verse to chorus.

With Stirling, who lost her own father to cancer a few years ago, the video for the piece has references to people she’s loved and lost, from the favourite butterflies of a friend to a stuffed fox teddy. The music video made me cry more than once; as someone who’s also lost loved ones recently, the message is a warm hug after the catastrophe of 2020. Stirling and Mako begin 2021 on a high, and I hope to see more collaborative work in the future.

Turn up the volume, play this song over and over, as “Lose You Now” lets you know that it’s going to be okay.

‘Lose You Now’ is available to listen to now via Lindseystomp Records.


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