Review: YONAKA – ‘Seize the Power’; Powerful and Brilliant


YONAKA's latest track packs a punch, offering power and motivation with every line.

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The latest track from Brighton-born alternative rockers YONAKA is a different one, but a brilliant one. Having always been one for empowerment and independence, it’s no surprise the tune is literally called ‘Seize the Power’ – I mean could you get any more powerful than that?

Lead singer Theresa Jarvis is the embodiment of badass, and starting a song with the line ‘Woke up this morning / I feel so fucking important’ is honestly the energy and strong vibes I didn’t even know I needed. When listening to ‘Seize the Power’ for the first time (and I’ve now been looping it for the past couple of days) I was instantly drawn in by the Bring Me the Horizon-style opening music. It gave me serious ‘Parasite Eve’ flashbacks, but I’m not complaining. Jarvis’ motivational chanting blends neatly into a bridge that feels much more traditional to their style from previous popular tracks like ‘Don’t Wait ‘Til Tomorrow’ and ‘Bad Company’, which plays on the musical elements YONAKA fans know and love.

‘Seize the Power’ is a brilliant track to give you that much-needed impact that many songs lack, with ‘His power is yours for the taking’ being honestly the best feminist line of this year so far. The song goes through stages of musical elements, each section moving gracefully but interestingly into the next part. With such a dramatic chorus, I don’t know how anyone couldn’t love the song and I can’t wait what else the band have in store for us this year!

‘Seize the Power’ is available to listen to now via Creature Records. Check out the music video below.


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