Review: Anne-Marie x KSI x Digital Farm Animals – ‘Don’t Play’

Chilled Out

'Don't Play' brings a chilled style that is reminiscent of a remix rather than an original track - yet it somehow works.

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The latest KSI and Digital Farm Animals collaboration finds the two acts together again, this time with the catchy lyrics and vocals of singer-songwriter Anne-Marie joining in. ‘Don’t Play’ is quite a simple track, yet it works in an effective way that takes the expected rap of KSI and combining it with an 80s disco vibe that draws you in pretty well.

The track doesn’t feel that unique, but that’s almost what makes it good, as it allows you an easy-listen whilst retaining the pop-rap rhythms of Digital Farm Animals on the decks. The beat combines the music and lyrics surprisingly well and I can actually imagine myself listening to this single quite a bit as it brings a calm atmosphere compared to most of KSI and Anne-Marie’s respective previous singles.

The music video is a fun one, filmed with COVID-19 restrictions yet it works really well to fit the feeling of the track. It also plays on the boxing career of KSI as he seemingly teaches Anne-Marie the tricks of the trade which makes for a decent watch. Also, the single cover art is genuinely awesome.

‘Don’t Play’ is available to listen to now via Asylum Records UK. Check out the music video below. 


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