Review: Papa Roach ft. Danny Worsnop – Broken As Me


The latest track from American rockers Papa Roach featuring Asking Alexandria vocalist Danny Worsnop brings heavy new layers to the already hardcore original tune.

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Papa Roach have stepped into 2020 with a brilliant collaboration for their latest single, a reworking of their awesome track ‘Broken As Me’. The original, which featured on the band’s 8th studio album F.E.A.R. (2015), always felt like a stand out track to me – yet the newest revision of the track featuring vocals from the one and only Danny Worsnop (of Asking Alexandria fame) manages to hit differently, bringing new layers to the already catchy tune.

This collaborative take on ‘Broken As Me’ is one that feels necessary. Papa Roach recently announced an upcoming greatest hits album, Greatest Hits Vol 2: The Better Noise Years, which aims to throw listeners back to the older works of the band whilst giving its tracklist a much needed refreshing. Worsnop is a brilliant choice for a first feature, with his heavy grunge voice and popular style. ‘Broken As Me’ is just the track you want to listen to if you need your fix of metal.

Jacoby Shaddix’s melodic voice meets with Worsnop in the middle to combine with a metal-esque tone that feels both catchy and encouraging of a good old headbang. If only we could hear this track at a festival this year; it would blow the roof off.

Greatest Hits Vol 2: The Better Noise Years is set for release on the 19th March. Check out the official lyrics video for ‘Broken As Me’ below, available to listen to via Better Noise Music. 


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