Review: Jungle – ‘Keep Moving’


Jungle can do no wrong, and their latest track 'Keep Moving' is evidence of this, providing us with the new anthem of summer 2021.

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It’s been a long while since self-proclaimed ‘electro-soul’ duo Jungle, made up of Tom McFarland and John Lloyd-Watson, have released any new music. That is until early March 2021 when the band premiered an exciting trailer for their upcoming album Loving in Stereo. The album is yet to have a set release date, but the release of their latest single ‘Keep Moving’ is enough to get fans eager for new music from the easy listening two-man project.

‘Keep Moving’ maintains the much-loved style of Jungle, bringing us some upbeat tunes layered with the high-key vocals that fit perfectly into the alt/indie music scene where the band found their fame back in the days of their debut self -titled album (2014). I’m sure this track will make its way onto the next FIFA soundtrack, without a doubt. ‘Keep Moving’ is summery and fulfils the needs of listeners, combining perfect funk tones with more experimental soulful notes. The track, in all honesty, could be longer than it is – which is the biggest compliment anyone can get. Nothing will beat the infamous ‘Busy Earning’ or ultimate summer anthem ‘The Heat’, but ‘Keep Moving’ is a promising start to Loving in Stereo.

‘Keep Moving’ is available to listen to now via Caiola Records. Check out the official music video below.


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