Review: Against The Current – ‘weapon’


Against the Current's first 2021 single "weapon" is a fiery start to the year and shows all of their strengths.

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The new age of Against The Current is well and truly here. Since their return last November with ‘that won’t save us’ the trio have definitely funnelled all of their passion into their works. As the band’s first song written after the lockdowns turned the world upside down over a year ago, ‘weapon’ continues the return to their roots with rock and a passionate story behind it all.

The video almost takes off right where ‘that won’t save us’ left off, opening on the same final frame that also made the previous track’s thumbnail. A shoutout must go to Director Ryan Valdez who made this video look so spectacular. The music video is littered with set pieces and shots that really emphasises the hidden battle the lyrics are trying to depict. The return of the firey imagery from their previous endeavour makes the video feel powerful and hard-hitting.

It’s a great piece, with its heavy rock backing, and lyrics that just shoot right through you again and again. Costanza said in an interview that this was a personal piece, talking about the highs and lows that her mental health battle had gone through in the last few years. Lines such as ”All I am is a weapon” litter its verses, showing the invisible fight of one person being as both the hero and the villain in their story. ”No I won’t go under/ I won’t back down” however shows that while the fight isn’t always a glorious one, it’s one Costanza is defiant in against a ‘bittersweet surrender’.

Where the previous bridge felt disjointed “weapon” presents it almost like a pause to breathe. With just a light acoustic guitar for those few seconds before the full band returns, a final gritty punch to round off one of the band’s heaviest tracks. It’s beautiful in its destruction.

Back in November I mentioned in my review of ‘that won’t save us’ how excited I was for their new music and what would follow, and it’s safe to say that “weapon” lives up to the president they set after their two-year hiatus.

‘weapon’ is available to listen to now via Fueled By Ramen.


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