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A subtle yet poignant message on abusive relationships.

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Entering a new phase of her music career, Billie Eilish‘s new single ‘Your Power’, from the upcoming album Happier Than Ever, is melancholic yet healing. It is reminiscent of her more sombre work yet conveys a powerful message of recovery from abuse.

Since the news of Billie’s relationship with Brandon Adams (A.K.A Q), who was 22 dating a 16-year-old, this song’s theme of abuse and an imbalanced power dynamic in romantic relationships certainly hits more personally. The song immediately battles the topic ‘try not to abuse your power’, instantly recognising that one person already has the ability to manipulate and influence the other should they wish to. The contrast of sleeping with this person to then having to go to class hammers in how unhealthy this relationship is, one in which a person lives for the other while the one in power does what they want. Billie is often both praised and criticised for her soft style of singing, however, it serves her well in this song. The idea of feeling ruined and stolen by a person is encapsulated hauntingly not only by the lyrics but through ghostly, emotionally charged vocals.

Cleverly, Billie’s experience is written to extend to all manner of toxic and abusive relationships, particularly those with inherent power over another – writing in the third person suggests not only a story told by many but the suggestion that she is healing from the ordeal. The stripped-back instrumentation spearheaded by acoustic guitar gives the implication of finding your roots. This thematically ties in perfectly with Billie’s overall sentiment – that she, like most who are victims of abuse, have to build themselves up again following the end of the relationship.

‘Your Power’ is an introspective message that many will identify with. Beautifully sad yet healing, this song is well worth all the re-listens, and only excites me more for her upcoming album.

‘Your Power’ is available to listen to now via Interscope Records. Check out the music video below.


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