Review: Artemis – ‘New Waves’


Artemis's new track has a rockin' sound, and its message speaks to so many people out there.

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Edge favourites Artemis are back with their newest track, ‘New Waves’, and once again they’ve proven that they’re a force to be reckoned with on the alternative scene.

With an addictive bassline throughout the whole song, ‘New Wave’ is easy to jam along to, especially when paired with the killer guitar solo from lead guitarist Frankie about halfway through the track (easily my favourite moment in the whole piece; talk about a power riff!). The drums are hot and heavy, providing the perfect headbanging vibe, and the lyrics are fierce, speaking of taking a stand and not getting beaten down. From its opening bars, the song is absolutely addictive; it’s definitely giving me a strong riot grrl, post-punk style. ‘New Waves’ speaks to every single person out there right now who is fed up of being let down by the system, and wants to stand up and force people to listen; it’s a message that can be appreciated, and related, to so many people. Empowering, catchy, and angry, ‘New Waves’ is a great protest song.

Once again proving themselves as ”strong and powerful” , Artemis have blessed us with yet another brilliant alt-rock track.

‘New Waves’ is available to listen to now via Artemis Records.


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