Review: Jungle – ‘Talk About It’


Jungle's latest track brings the fast-paced sound the band does best, offering us another quality summer tune as the sun hits.

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It’s looking likely that British electronic duo Jungle are set to be releasing a new album/EP soon, as their latest single ‘Talk About It’ follows only a couple of months after their previous hit ‘Keep Moving’ graced our airwaves.

‘Talk About It’ is an exciting and fast-paced track that brings the energy of the band’s vast discography to the summer month we’re in, making it feel both present and sun-fuelled. I’m rarely disappointed by a Jungle track (if ever), so with such promise from their latest release, it’s safe to say Jungle’s upcoming releases should all give us that much-needed sunshine to keep our spirits high.

The track has the old-school vibes of 90s electronic with the much-loved vocals that always feel instantly recognisable and full of joy. ‘Talk About It’ is a simple track lyrically, but the motivation of the tune is it’s excitement – it makes you want to get up and enjoy yourself and just live.

‘Talk About It’ is out now via Caiola Records. Watch the video here:


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