Review: Jessie Ware – ‘Hot N Heavy’

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Jessie Ware continues to reign as 2021's disco queen.

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Following on from previous release ‘Please’, Jessie Ware has released ‘Hot N Heavy’, another sultry disco inspired track that doesn’t shy away from saying how the singer feels.

I will say, on a first listen, ‘Hot N Heavy’ didn’t capture my attention in the same way that ‘Please’ did. That’s not to say it’s a bad track; it’s yet another banger from the singer who’s quickly becoming this year’s answer to a doorway straight back to Studio 54. I wish that there was more of a steady buildup into the hype of the song, however it starts with a heavy beat and essentially just stays at that. Besides the added backing vocals in the chorus, the song does begin to feel a little one note after a few listens.

‘Hot N Heavy’, however, is a darn catchy tune; it’s got a great beat and the lyrics, especially in the chorus, are memorable and easy to sing along to. Ware has yet again proven that she just can’t release a bad song. I can’t wait to hear this in a nightclub, because the vibes are going to be utterly immaculate.

‘Hot N Heavy’ is available to listen to now via Universal Music.


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