Review: Maisie Peters – ‘Psycho’


Bursting with energy and leaning into a more mainstream pop flavour, Maisie Peters gives us an undeniable bop - even if it does feel a little derivative.

On the lead up to her debut album, Maisie Peters certainly has had enough singles dating back to 2017 to establish herself as a great artist. Formidable when singing ballads, and respectable when delving into the world of pop, ‘Psycho’ is another bop to fall in love with.

Of all the songs with ‘psycho’ in their name, Peters has made the decidedly smarter (and safer) choice of using the problematic male habit of calling girls psychos when they don’t get their way. Rather than leaning into negative depictions, like in Ava Max‘s ‘Sweet but Psycho’, Peters favours a more bubblegum-pop approach that helps keep it lighthearted and fun. Even when juggling relevant themes that could become weighty, Peters uses an upbeat arrangement of drums and synthy strings that help to give the song a life of its own. In fact, the song feels like a power move; it stares into the face of being called “psycho” and finds humour at the hypocritical male position, all while being catchy as hell.

Peters may not be groundbreaking with this single, but there’s still something captivating about it nonetheless. What it does serve as, though, is a good indication of some more pop bops yet to come.

‘Psycho’ is available to listen to now via Gingerbread Records / Asylum Records UK. Watch the video here:


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