Review: Bastille – ‘Give Me The Future’


Alternative indie-pop band Bastille returned last month with their catchy hit ‘Distorted Light Beam’, and they’ve graced our ears once again with their newest single ‘Give Me The Future’.

The band announced on their official social media pages the release of the new song to celebrate Bastille Day, which coincides with lead singer Dan Smith’s birthday.  

Since their second studio album Wild World, the band have used their music to reflect their worldview; such as their criticism of Donald Trump in ‘The Currents’, or their bleak review of social media in ‘Doom Days’. However ‘Give Me The Future’ seems to take a more positive view towards “golden and bright” days where “nothing is certain”. It seems Smith and co-writer Ralph Pelleymounter (‘To Kill A King’) are ready to move on to better times. 

On first listening I wasn’t hooked. It felt as though there was something missing. A faster tempo perhaps? A stronger hook? The pre-chorus is admittedly catchy, but sounds as though it’s leading up to something more exciting than a chorus which only differs in sound by an added drum beat.

I don’t see this becoming Bastille’s biggest hit of the year, but it’s not a bad track. It’s definitely a grower, especially when you start to appreciate the good beat of the post chorus. That part slaps and it definitely could have featured more!

It’s an enjoyable song that has earned a place in my playlist, but I can’t deny I might end up skipping it. 

‘Give Me The Future’ is available to listen now via Virgin Records:


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