Review: Sam Fender – ‘Aye’

Refreshingly honest

Sam Fender's latest single is a refresingly honest look at the division between the rich and the poor.

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Sam Fender is not one to shy away from voicing societal woes within his music. When asked in an interview about the meaning of his latest hit ‘Aye’, Fender described it as being “about the polarity between the left and the right wing, and how that leaves working class people displaced with a lack of political identity, playing into the hands of the 1 per cent,”.

The song itself – entitled after the Geordie word for ‘yes’ – is poignant and brutally honest to its core. The beat leaves me feeling empowered inwards, and screaming with delight outwards. It feels somewhat more rock-orientated in comparison to his past releases, which I embrace with open arms.

Sam Fender continually amazes me with his cleverly scripted lyricism, that both engages in real world societal issues and entertains full-capacity crowds. He is simply unlike any old other artist I have ever heard, who chooses to follow the crowd and write about fake happiness valued off of material worth, or God forbid – love and heartbreak.

The words sung are so poignant for this generation, and no matter which song I listen to, there is always a hidden relatable meaning. I am yet to dislike a Sam Fender release, and am beyond excited to hear his new album Seventeen Going Under, which will be released on the 8th of October.

‘Aye’ is out now via Polydor. Watch the video here:


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