Review: LANY – ‘never mind, let’s break up’


A promising anti-love song to tease LANY's newest album.

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After their latest album mama’s boy was released last October, LANY have just gifted us another three songs and a demo to tease their next one: gg bb xx. Amongst these singles is the standout anti-love song ‘never mind, let’s break up’.

At 2 minutes and 42 seconds, the song is short but sweet and gets straight to the point. The lyrics, like the couple in the song, are quick to counter each other and never fail to find a fault. This quick back-and-forth fits easily with the up-tempo beat, mirroring the relief felt now the relationship is finally ending. What could have been a slower ballad has been masterfully twisted to create an anti-romance hit.

In my opinion, the single is a success from LANY. The melody draws you in instantly, but Klein and Goldstein’s quick lyrics keep you listening. If this sets the tone for gg bb xx, I’m excited to hear it.

LANY’s album gg bb xx comes out 3rd September 2021. Watch the video for ‘never mind, let’s break up’ here:


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