Review: Sam Fender – ‘Get You Down’


Although not unique, the latest Sam Fender track is still enjoyable.

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Another week, and yet another Sam Fender single to review – still, I am not complaining. Fender’s latest single ‘Get You Down’ delves into the idea of the past, and childhood insecurities in particular, hindering future relationships – both platonic and romantic. He describes the song as “an absolute heart-churner” but admitted that his record label were not convinced about the track back in 2019 – when it was originally recorded for debut album Hypersonic Missiles.

The latest single – which marks the third of seventeen on aptly named album Seventeen Going Under – is rather repetitive in its discourse, and features all the same classic instrumentals of his previous album. It is all very ‘samey’ for want of a better word. That unfortunately makes it one of my least favourite Fender songs to date. However – as a lover of his previous album – I am by no means a hater of the track, and I could quite easily see this being enjoyed heavily within mosh pits by festival and concert goers alike – a spectacle I did not expect to see from a Sam Fender concert both times I have seen him perform live.

Accompanying each ‘A-track’ will also be a secondary, often shorter, song. In the case of ‘Get You Down’, Fender has also released ‘The Kitchen’ which talks about…well, the kitchen – particularly, with focus towards the late night conversations and antics that commonly occur within the room. With over sixty songs written to compose his upcoming album, it is no wonder that each single has a B Side – a quirky twist which I find to add to the rustic nostalgia of his music style.

I mean, seriously, is there anything the Northern artist cannot produce, that I will not instantly fall in love with?

‘Get You Down’ is available to listen to now. Listen to the track and it’s B-side on Spotify below:


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