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If there were any shivers, it was certainly not for good reasons.

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After four years of tensely anticipating what would come next for Ed Sheeran – we wrongly presumed a ‘Minus’ album to follow the predicted protectory of his named series – Sheeran is back and bolder than ever with his latest single ‘Shivers’.

As also seen with ‘Bad Habits’, Sheeran is taking a more modern approach with his latest single, with movement towards creating pop music that contains a more uplifting and edgy beat. This is a stark contradiction to the slower, more refined, music style most commonly associated with the singer up until this point.

Having grown up with Ed Sheeran’s music, I naturally have fond memories of his songs, which have shaped my childhood musically. Hearing past singles such as ‘Thinking Out Loud’ being being played at numerous weddings over the years only solidifies how impactful his work has been. However, with a four year period of absence, more current and relatable pop singers, such as Billie Eilish or Olivia Rodrigo have since entered the pop music scene, and can be now seen to dominate vocally. This casts a rather dusty Ed Sheeran aside from the industry he once knew.

‘Shivers’ certainly shares sentiments of his previous work, but the single itself is quite clearly rebranded to fit the current mould of pop music and its audience. I therefore cannot help but feel like his latest single is incredibly forced, and lacks real meaning and lustre in comparison to what has helped create his brand into a household name. The vocals remind me of a young Justin Bieber, but one that just doesn’t quite suit the clientele for what is being produced.

After reluctantly enjoying ‘Bad Habits’, I was excited to see what was next for this new more contemporary version of Ed Sheeran – this latest single has however left me feeling rather disappointed, and has me craving the ‘parent-friendly’ classics of days gone by. If there were any shivers, it was certainly not for good reasons. Has Sheeran lost his spark for good?

‘Shivers’ is out now via Asylum Records. Watch the video below:





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