Review: Måneskin – ‘MAMMAMIA’

Oh my God - sensually liberating!

Måneskin continue to capture hearts worldwide, while embodying body positivity with rock hit after rock hit.

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Anyone that knows me in any capacity will no doubt confirm my love for the Eurovision Song Contest. Notoriously, however, artists that emerge from the contest remain relatively unknown, excluding the likes of Loreen, and ABBA – who infamously produced Waterloo as their winning entry – of course.

The rise of Italian rock band Måneskin, following their landslide victory in this year’s competition, has therefore left me in total elation and excitement for what their success may mean for future winners and acts who grace the Eurovision stage – will the contest finally be taken more seriously now? 

The band’s latest single ‘MAMMAMIA’ embodies Italian sex-appeal, while continuing to tackle stereotypes – both against what it means to be Italian, and what it means to freely express yourself in 2021. Written directly after their win, the song itself provides a fun and upbeat remedy to rebellion against constrictive societal norms and values, which continually hinder self-expression. Lead singer Damiano David even makes reference to the band’s so-called drug scandal in the song, a rumour which loomed against them, following suspicious footage broadcasted from the competition’s green room.

Translated to ‘oh my god’ in English, ‘MAMMAMIA’ has been sensually teased by its members on their social media accounts for the past week. With the use of highly revealing photography, Måneskin are proven to continually push the boundaries of gender fluidity within the public sphere in a positive way. They promote body inclusivity, and the need to be comfortable in your own skin, which I think is a very beautiful and cathartic thing.

If you were expecting to listen to anything even remotely resembling the infamous classic of the same name from Swedish band ABBA, then think again! Måneskin are shining, and I cannot wait to hear more of what they have to offer.

‘MAMMAMIA’ is out now via Epic. Watch the video below:


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