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Lizzy McAlpine’s return single boasts triumphant songwriting and immaculate production.

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Barely a year after woodsy debut Give Me A Minute (a favourite of mine last winter), Lizzy McAlpine has returned with a vengeance. ‘doomsday’ dials down the cutesy tendencies you might have found on tracks like ‘Pancakes For Dinner’ and replaces it with a bitterness – McAlpine ruminating, slightly tongue-in-cheek – about her own death in the wake of a breakup.

An eerie chord progression (alongside lyrics like “pull the plug in September / I don’t want to die in June”) builds an effective feeling of dread. The second half’s “death of me” resolution is incredible and sounds ripped straight from a musical – this is possibly the standout moment, not just in the song, but in McAlpine’s discography as a whole. Performances continue to impress; not enough nice things can be said about her as a vocalist.

Philip Etherington’s production is spotless and sounds a cut above Give Me A Minute; spacious background vocal stacks and very tasteful reverb make the song a real treat for the ears. If there’s anything that weakens the track, it’s its final minute, where the tune is stripped right back; this outro goes on a tad too long to avoid being underwhelming after a very powerful bridge. It’s no biggie, but risks some some replayability.

Lizzy McAlpine continues to be a best-kept-secret of indie singer-songwriter; ‘doomsday’ should be streamed with immediacy. It’s only a matter of time!

‘doomsday’ is out now via Harbour Artists & Music. Watch the video below:


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