Review: Lizzy McAlpine, Jacob Collier – ‘erase me’


An excellent vocal performance, gritty synth-led production and a tasteful collaboration with Jacob Collier makes erase me an irresistible delight that ends far too soon.

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‘erase me’ is a masterclass in how to produce and write a pop record. Following the release of ‘doomsday’ in October 2021, Lizzy McAlpine enlists the help of multi Grammy-award winner Jacob Collier to lend her follow up single a fresh new sound. A strong sense of direction is sustained throughout the song with each section building upon the last, from the intimate guitar and vocal intro to the heavy synth led sections in the choruses. Everything just works perfectly.

It only takes about 30 seconds for Collier’s signature quirks of vocal pyramids and dense vocal harmonies to appear, and it elevates the song massively in scope and inimitability. It is reminiscent of his (uncredited) feature on SZA’s ‘Good Days’, as Collier’s contribution to the song lies more in the background than a prominent duetting role, though that is not necessarily a bad thing. Further mention should be given to McAlpine and Collier’s stylish vocal runs in the bridge following the first chorus and the thick vocal pads that accentuate much of the remaining runtime.

Even when the fancy production is removed, the song at its core is still a fantastic composition and McAlpine gives a stellar vocal performance. There is so much built up tension in the lyrics during the catchy chorus (such as “Now I’m fading, and I wonder who will erase me?”), and is paired with McAlpine exploring the full range of her voice in the climax of these sections.

The song culminates in a euphoric conclusion in the final chorus, pushed forward by a punchy synth bass and drum groove that adds so much energy. Everything that makes the song so effective returns here, carrying the song up until its end at the three and a half minute mark. My only question is, why stop there? I could easily listen to an extended version, the song is endlessly replayable, and McAlpine certainly knows it.

‘erase me’ is out now via Harbour Artists & Music. Watch the video below:


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