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Bastille’s lyrics are often pretty depressing, and of course that’s why we love them, but ‘Shut Off The Lights’ is the optimistic tune we’ve been waiting for.

Set against the blended backdrop of 80s disco and an alt-pop melody, lead singer Dan Smith encourages us to live in the moment and “shut off the lights, you don’t need them to dance” – and what a dance hit this is! ‘Shut Off The Lights’ will fit perfectly in a club or festival; it’s impossible not to groove to the funky beat and melody. In fact, there’s a particularly hot saxophone solo that ends the track beautifully. *Chef’s kiss*. 

This is the final single before the release of Bastille’s new album, Give Me The Future, which will be released on February 4th. The band have been teasing fans for quite a while, releasing some fabulous singles such as ‘Give Me The Future’ and ‘Distorted Light Beam’ which have hinted at the theme of the next album; major anxiety and impending doom. It seems these songs take place in a futuristic, dystopian, sci-fi society that parallels the world’s pretty dire situation at the moment. I like to think of it in terms of an album full of diss tracks to technology. In a Facebook post, however, Bastille wrote ‘Shut Off The Lights’ is about “switching off from your worries about the future and being in the room with the person you’re in it with”. Perhaps Bastille were inspired by that ‘it’s because of that damn phone’ meme? 

‘Shut Off The Lights’ is the perfect remedy to the January blues. It’s fun, catchy, and will get everyone up on the dancefloor! It might have to wait a few months until the sun appears though before it reaches it’s true potential as a summer dance track.  

‘Shut Off The Lights’ is available to listen now via Virgin Records:



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