Review: AURORA – ‘A Dangerous Thing’


AURORA with an atmospheric folk twist.

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With a folk twist on her iconic sound, AURORA’s new single ‘A Dangerous Thing’ is a slightly haunting track with a darker tone. The track is one of five singles released for her forthcoming album, The Gods We Can Touch, set to be released on 21st January 2022 via Decca.

On ‘A Dangerous Thing’, Norwegian artist AURORA has said: “There’s a lot of beauty in this world. And there’s a lot of ugly. I was surprised to learn how often the ugly is disguised as beauty. How often poison is disguised as wine. And life disguised as death. 

“And when we learn that what we thought was good for us, is in fact bad for us – even then we tend to go return to it. Because at least it’s familiar. And all we ever dream about is home. Seductive, yet destructive. A dangerous thing indeed.”

AURORA’s euphonious vocals remain almost hypnotic as usual, with a new element of folk setting it apart from her hits. It seems that The Gods We Can Touch will be a concept album exploring themes through the narrative of fifteen different Greek gods and goddesses through the fifteen tracks. In this single, we are introduced to the god Pietho, the personification of seduction and persuasion. 

‘A Dangerous Thing’ promises an exploration of some interesting themes in her upcoming LP, while staying playful and retaining the sound that listeners of AURORA have been charmed by.

‘A Dangerous Thing’ is streaming now via Decca. Listen here:


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