Review: No Kite’s ‘Your Favourite Band’


A change in pace and backed by a great new music video, 'Your Favourite Band' is undeniably No Kite's best track yet

After the release of No Kite’s modest Community Centre, questions quickly arose of what was next for Harry Geeves. With his first EP a slow trip down the self-examining melancholy lane, nobody was expecting ‘Your Favourite Band’ to follow (and that’s a good thing).

Starting with a quick hi-hat beat and a groovy melody, ‘Your Favourite Band’ has a real sense of energy behind it that Community Centre stayed away from. There’s a kind of retro chaos that underpins much of the song which leads to a much more complete and expansive production behind the music, most notably in the combination of instruments and sirens during the chorus. No Kite’s voice has an indie twang that’s palpable to the early Jake Bugg years, and his ability to harmonise with himself is always impressive. However, the constant appeal of No Kite’s music is the catchy smooth lyricism that accompanies all his music. Whilst ‘Your Favourite Band’ feels like your next upbeat ear-wig, there’s a melancholic undertone mixed with poetic imagery enhancing it above a one-note plane. It’s fitting then, that the song’s last lyrics, “but as you span your favourite band I found some hope”, contains a great moment of optimism and a question of whether No Kite could become all of our next favourite obsession.

2021 was a great year for No Kite, so we can hope that 2022 continues with the same energy. While ‘Your Favourite Band’ may have been last year’s single, the release of the new music video shows that No Kite doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon – and that’s something we should all be excited about.

Check out the music video for No Kite’s ‘Your Favourite Band’ below:


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