Review: Meg Myers – ‘HTIS’ (feat. Luna Shadows & Carmen Vandenberg)


As the newest iteration of Meg Myers, HTIS has us wondering where the singer will take us next, and it's exciting all the same.

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There are very few musicians as exciting or who constantly reinvent themselves as Meg Myers. With a career that started with ‘Heart Heart Head’ in 2013 that led up to the release of Daughter in the Choir, Myers has since built a steady and respectably discography of 80s-infused bangers, steeped in reality and melancholy. Now though, with ‘HTIS’, Meg Myers’ sound receives a breath of fresh air that stays true to her emo-folk/dark-pop hybrid but introduces more elements of rock while being unapologetic in its creation.

Myers had steadily teased the release of ‘HTIS’, the song’s opening plastered on social media weeks in advance as it introduces the heavier, more rocky elements of her sound with the warped electric guitar that backs most of the song. Myers uses the typical slow build-up of adding layers with each chorus and verse, and while it isn’t revolutionary, it is a great introduction to the new sound that her upcoming album will have. In the chorus, it’s got heavy beats and electric guitars, but there’s also those summery sounds of the likes of Avicii and Kygo turned upside down no doubt by the inclusion of Luna Shadows. There’s a mixing-pot of genres that makes the music fresh and exciting, and there’s a real celebration in Myers breaking away from trauma and celebrating her sexuality, or at least no longer “hiding that I’m sexual”.

‘HTIS’ has us desiring for new Meg Myers music, and thankfully that’s coming soon. While ‘HTIS’ may not be her greatest, it feels like the perfect introduction for what’s next in the singer’s reinvention, and I for one can’t wait to hear more music from her.

‘HTIS’ is out now, via Sumerian Records. Watch the video below:


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