Review: Small Talk – Paris

Indie Gold!

Nostalgic vibes and superb guitar riffs is what makes ‘Paris’ a brilliant addition to everyone’s indie summer playlist!

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Looking to impress your friends by adding a cool new up and coming indie band to your roster? I’ve got exactly who you’re looking for!

Small Talk released their debut single ‘Headstart’ in February of this year after forming during the Covid-19 pandemic, and the angsty indie tune won them notable radio success and spots in live venues across the South Coast, such as our fave place, The Joiners! They have even supported viral emo band, The Hara, on their most recent tour. The Bournemouth-based band seem to be gearing up for an exciting 2022 with their latest release, P’aris’. 

The song starts rather abruptly, but this adds a keen charm to the track, as though frontman Ben Lewis is desperate to start singing. Lewis recounts the writing process of the song, stating Paris is about the desperation for a second chance. Like many indie love songs, the lyrics leave you with a sense of longing to return to happier times, with Lewis singing of this “wholesome amnesia” he feels towards the relationship. The vocals are good; in fact they’re classically indie and leave the band perfectly fitting into the genre, and the songwriting is brilliant. The lyrics are so catchy that I’ve found myself singing ‘Would you go back to Paris?’ constantly after hearing this track. 

Paris relies heavily on some brilliant guitar riffs that give the single its upbeat tempo. Guitarists Jack Babbe and Ali Barron show real musical ability in a track that sounds very noughties – think songs like ‘Take Me Out’ that put the guitar in the forefront of the song. Harry Whitton on drums secures a strong rhythm throughout. Even the though the lyrics recall relationship woes, the drums add a fun, summery vibe to the track where it’s impossible not to dance along to! 

Keep your eyes on Small Talk – ‘Paris’ is a promising start to the band’s music career and gives us an exciting taste of what is yet to come for the boys!

‘Paris’ will be available to listen to via Spotify on May 13th. You can listen to Headstart here: 


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