Review: Kanye West & XXXTENTACION – True Love


West's Donda 2 single is imperfect but moving and passionately written.

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Kanye West appears to have taken something of a backseat since the release of Donda 2, one that seemed underwhelming from the outside. Having built anticipation for the record tirelessly, it was released to shockingly little fanfare (largely due to West’s decision to release it exclusively on his own STEM player, rather than putting it onto streaming services) and quickly faded out of conversations whilst its predecessor, the original Dondaremains one of the most discussed hip-hop records of the decade so far.

Donda 2, once it emerged across the internet, was incredibly underwhelming. The first of West’s albums to genuinely feel rushed and misguided, as if the hype surrounding the drama in West’s life at the time was enough to tip his artistic balance in the wrong direction.

However, ‘True Love’, in spite of its involvement with the late abuser XXXTENTACION (who admittedly lends the song a deeply touching hook) is one of the album’s few strong tracks. Now released digitally as a single, the song has received more recognition for its 808s and Heartbreaks-esque focus on post-breakup woes alongside a gorgeous piano beat with drum and synth backing. It’s a moving and passionate, if flawed, track.

‘True Love’ is now streaming via Bad Vibes Forever. Listen below:


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