Two Door Cinema Club – ‘Wonderful Life’ single review: a return to festival-ready bangers


The Northern Irish trio return with yet another ready-for-summer banger.

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Following 2016 and 2019 it appears that there will always be a 3-year interval between Two Door Cinema Club’s festival-ready bangers, and 2022 seems to be no exception following the release of Wonderful Life, the lead single from their upcoming fifth album Keep On Smiling – due for release in September.

Fans of their iconic debut album Tourist History will be pleased to hear that Wonderful Life sees the three-piece return to the plucky guitar-riff heavy sounds that they departed with the synth-filled (but still fantastic) Gameshow in 2016 – and it works just as well as it ever has. 

As ever, Two Door Cinema Club focus on positivity, with this single pleading for listeners to “take back your wonderful life”, such an important message as we enter a post-COVID world. This upbeat, fit for Summer message is equally accompanied by an absolutely joyous instrumental. The MGMT-like synths leading up to the chorus are what make this track, bringing you back to 2010 in the best way possible. Perhaps it is slightly derivative, it certainly isn’t breaking any new ground in indie music, but the ability to capture such a buoyant feeling in a mere 3-minutes is a special ability in itself. 

The perfect production elements are, as ever, tied beautifully together by frontman Alex Trimble’s powerful, yet sentimental, vocals. He carries a special charisma that can be noticed just by hearing his delivery, and the band’s message would not be carried the same way as it does here without him.

Wonderful Life is out now via Lower Third, check it out below! Their new album Keep On Smiling will be released on September 2nd.


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