Baby Queen – ‘Nobody Really Cares’ single review: a brilliant way to continue her post-Heartstopper trajectory

I really care!

Baby Queen has delivered the perfect upbeat, don't-careish anthem for the summer.

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Rising South African star Arabella “Baby Queen” Latham returns to the music scene following her viral song Colours of You for smash show Heartstopper, and she’s seen herself up for yet another bop. 

After a huge release and collaboration like that of the one Baby Queen was a part of in the Heartstopper universe, it’s always difficult to equate the success of a release that follows it. However, with the release of Nobody Really Cares, Baby Queen proves that she’s able to use all this new attention for good and continue to make music both true to her, and true to everyone who listens to her music.

The song truly is quintessentially Baby Queen. Long-time fans of her will be used to funky electric guitar riffs, huge drum patterns, and over-emphasised vocals; this track is no different. It’s also intensely true to Latham down to the relatable and uplifting lyrics. On a deeper level, it definitely encapsulates a lot of the ‘young generation’ energy and attitude developed over the pandemic, a lack of care for anyone else’s social judgement, and a desire to simply live lives as we will. It brings light to issues about self-obsession to the point of not noticing that everyone else is a bit of a mess too, it’s never just yourself.

One of my favourite parts about listening to a Baby Queen banger is definitely Latham’s vocal abilities. She sings intentionally in her own accent, and over-annunciates words which just really helps in listening to a song; you know exactly what’s being sung. To me, lyrics are so important and yes, she’s a fantastic songwriter but also has a way of delivering those lyrics that packs a vigorous punch.

Parallels between this and Latham’s early single Buzzkill are instant through some parallels between them; I love that they feel like non-identical twins. Buzzkill is a sad and don’t-careish depression/loneliness anthem, while Nobody Really Cares is the half that truly owns all of that, it owns the sadness and the don’t-careishness. Buzzkill is a personal favourite, and so anything that reminds me of it is always sweet.

Overall, this has been a brilliant way for Baby Queen to bring her new audience in and continue her trajectory of success post-Heartstopper.

Nobody Really Cares is out now via Universal/Polydor, and you can watch the music video here:

Ed’s note: Sort out your YouTube profile pic Baby Queen!


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