The 1975 – ‘I’m In Love With You’ single review: make no mistake, this is The 1975 at their very best


The 1975 may have perfected pop years ago now, but they never fail to innovate; this is no different.

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The 1975‘s upcoming winter arena tour is titled ‘The 1975 At Their Very Best‘, and clearly this isn’t just a reflection of their insane live shows but is also true of the singles released so far for their upcoming fifth album Being Funny In A Foreign Language.

Following on from curveball lead single Part Of The Band and the disco-infused Happiness, the new single I’m In Love With You sees the Cheshire boys hark once more back to the 1980s influences that have made up many of their biggest hits. Yet, they do not use this as an excuse to relive past glories.

With the aid of co-producer supremo Jack Antonoff, I’m In Love With You captures the silky smooth 1980s aspects of 2016 album I Like It While You Sleep… yet it still captures a unique sound that appears to make up Being Funny In A Foreign Language. Like Part of the Band and Happiness, the acoustic guitar is the most apparent instrument in a way that has only been touched upon in minor album tracks like 2018’s I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes). The production is crispy, all the instruments sound perfectly placed in the mix and never overshadow Healy’s trademark quirky vocals.

Healy proclaimed at their Reading Festival headline set this year that the audience would easily know the chorus of this then-unreleased song by the time it had finished, and it is easy to see why. Like the very best pop songs, the chorus is instantly infectious, with Healy proclaiming to a lover that, simply, “I’m in love with you”. These choruses are bookended by Healy’s trademark wit, featuring possible soon-to-be iconic lines such as “don’t f*ck it, you muppet!”, altogether crafting a perfect four-minute slice of the most unashamedly fun pop 2022 has to offer.

Make no mistake, this simply is The 1975 at their very best, and Being Funny In A Foreign Language is shaping up to be the four-piece’s best album yet.

I’m In Love With You is out now via Dirty Hit, check out the Phoebe Bridgers-cameoing video below:


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