BROCKHAMPTON – ‘Big Pu**y’ single review: setting anticipation for one final album


BROCKHAMPTON's new single builds high anticipation for their final album with its relentless energy.

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BROCKHAMPTON, as a group, have experienced a hell of a lot of turbulence given the relative brevity of their musical career so far. They appeared with a ridiculous amount of energy in 2017 as they presented their SATURATION album trilogy to the world, releasing three albums within just over six months with minimal faltering in the process. It was an exciting, impressive beginning – one that set expectations perhaps unattainably high. 

Following that success, the group have lost members, reshaped their sound, and faced a lot of middling reactions from fans. Now, they are preparing to release their final album, The Family, on November 17th with this single, Big Pu**y, being the first tease of what is to come from the band’s final outing.

This single comes from an odd place, but it does build anticipation for the upcoming record as it promises the high energy that made the group so impressive initially. In an interesting move, the track is comprised solely of the band’s most popular member Kevin Abstract, and it reaches back to the group’s origins as it balances a merging of genres beautifully. In the case of Big Pu**y, jazz turns to punk rock turns to hip-hop, and it all feels seamless. Abstract’s lyricism is fine, but his delivery is what sells the track and elevates it to something truly attention-grabbing as he talks about his personal life and his dark view of the music industry, explaining how in spite of his success he feels that his ‘everyday lifestyle ain’t nothing but a hustle’ but simultaneously celebrating the fact that he ‘made it out the jungle’. He made it, but this song sees him question the extent to which ‘making it’ was worthwhile.

It’s a strong single – Abstract’s performance is fantastic, the production is clean and smooth, the music video is a lot of fun and it has its fair share of both poignant and amusing punchlines.

Big Pu**y is out now via RCA Records, check it out here:


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