New Hope Club – ‘Don’t Go Wasting Time’ single review: the sophomore album countdown truly begins here

Not A Waste of Time

A beautiful, vulnerable piece of music, and completely fresh territory for New Hope Club

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New Hope Club return to their regular music releases in 2023 with their first single-song release of the new era; the emotional and moving ballad Don’t Go Wasting Time.

Over the course of the second half of last year, I reviewed two out of three of New Hope Club’s double single releases as they returned back to the music scene following a two-year hiatus over COVID, to focus on writing. Each of the songs they released last year were upbeat, empowering and powerful anthems, covering a wide range of topics. With Don’t Go Wasting Time, they show a vulnerable side to them that is not only new in this era, but has been rare their entire careers. A handful of songs from the first album in 2020, are perhaps in a similar vein – tracks like Give Me Time or We Broke Up In A Dream. 

However, they are nothing like this track. It shows a sort of emotional vulnerability and maturity that is rare for men in this industry. They discuss the impact of their careers on their mental health, the struggle to follow the advice of their parents as kids (the title of the song is said advice.). The moment I listened to the song, I described it as a “panic attack put to music”. it felt reminiscent of the thoughts and feelings that are common, at least for me, when my anxiety takes over. Not only that, the song’s production is even reminiscent of that anxious feeling. It starts out slowly, describing a panic attack in the bathroom – likely at an industry event. It then builds up louder and bigger, vocals layering on top of each other, reassuring thoughts coming through in the way of the chorus, and their fathers’ advice. This then speeds up in the second verse, as Reece’s vocals get more emotive and intense, with a strong harmony from George coming through and then the second chorus being a slow release of the energy. The bridge then builds into more spiralling thinking, and intense layered vocals, as it then descends into the instrumental outro. To me, the reason it feels like a panic attack is the audible gasps for air as the vocal becomes harder to sing and sustain.

The premise of the song to me is that they are continuously conscious of the advice being given to them while being aware that maybe they weren’t quite prepared for the intensity of their careers. Having always explained that all they ever wanted to do was make and share music with their best friends, the way that their career has progressed in recent years has surely been a cause of heightened stress and anxiety. The use of the motif that “this has never bene my dream” highlights that and demonstrates just how vulnerable they are being. However, the overall message of the song is incredibly powerful, count your blessings, forgive yourself for your mistakes and keep going. Even though it ends on a more negative note, this message is strong throughout. I think it is so powerful that as vulnerable as the song is they still keep the “hope” in their name strong and maintain that more positive attitude even in the harder times

The music video is just a very casual affair, simple and effective but emotional nonetheless. Filmed in Joshua Tree, California, it is just a simple ode to their love for each other and their careers and leaves the song at the centre stage of everything.

At this point, it’s not a surprise I rank this release very highly, especially among my favourites of the past four releases from the boys, and now it’s truly the countdown to the second album. I cannot wait to see what is next.

Don’t Go Wasting Time is out now via Hollywood Records, and you can check out the music video here:


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