Sea Girls – ‘Weekends and Workdays’ single review: a catchy, optimistic tune with an encouraging message


Catchy, polished, and with an important message - what's not to like?

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Fresh from their set at Reading Festival 2023, and with a new record label, Sea Girls are back with brand new music. This time, it’s a more reflective effort from the indie rock four-piece.

This is Sea Girls’ first music under their new record label, Alt. Records. They begin this new era with an important message to listeners: keep your head up. Frontman Henry Camamile recently revealed the inspiration behind the song on Radio X, revealing he wanted to write about ‘burning out in the modern age’, with ‘keep your head up’ acting as ‘words of encouragement.’

Encouraging is the perfect way to describe it. It’s an upbeat song that looks to bring motivation to those experiencing burnout. It’s optimistic, but suitably so. A song for those who feel flat but don’t simply want to listen to sorrowful music, it’s one which doesn’t fail to encourage. Camamile’s voice is perfect for this, with his ability to convey great emotion in a composed manner, helping the song to feel polished whilst still retaining a raw undertone.

The ending is where it shines, with the backing vocals producing a warm feeling with the repetition of ‘Yeah, keep your head up’. The song goes out on a high by repeating its key message – a reminder to people to keep their heads up and keep going.

I was lucky to see them perform at Reading Festival 2023. As always, it was an energetic performance, but this song was different. The crowd remained contemplative, with most people hearing it for the first time. It appeared to strike a chord with them.

Sea Girls have gone from strength to strength since the release of their debut single, ‘Call Me Out’, in 2017. With rumours of a new album on the way, make sure you keep your head up for more new music from Sea Girls.

Weekends and Workdays is out now via Alt. Records. You can watch the music video below.


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