Film round-up: 16/06/2014 – 22/06/2014


This second week of June sees a whole new bunch of film releases: from the adaptation of The Fault in Our Stars to Clint Eastwood’s Jersey Boys, The Edge has listed them for you! Grab a Sprinkles, make your way down to Southampton’s cinemas, and let us know what you thought of them.

The Fault in Our Stars is released this Thursday. Based on John Green’s novel and in between romance and drama genres, the film relates the love story of two teenagers who met in a cancer support group. Acerbically witty and allergic to the conventional, both characters have to cope respectively with carrying around an oxygen tank and a prosthetic leg. 

3 Days to Kill, is clearly of another note. With an original story from Luc Besson, co-written with Adi Hasak, the action feature follows a dying CIA agent who is offered an experimental drug that could save is life. In exchange, he has to go for one more mission. With films as Nikita, Léon and The Fifth Element in his filmography, Luc Besson’s story promises to be full of suspense and surprises. 

The Art of the Steal stars Kurt Russell and Matt Dillon. The film is a comedy evolving around a semi-reformed art theft who gets his old gang back together to, here again, go for one last mission. 

Camille Claudel 1915 is a biopic on the sister of the famous French poet and diplomat, Paul Claudel. Camille was confined to an asylum by her family in winter 1915. There, she cannot sculpt anymore and lives as a reclusive, waiting for her brother to come and visit her. 

Chinese Puzzle finishes Cedric Klapisch’s trilogy after Pot Luck and Russian Dolls. Xavier is 40, after his year abroad in Spain and his lukewarm start in life as a young and active thirty year-old, he is now a divorced famous writer who lives in New York. His life balances between old loves and educating his two children in a city miles away from his home country, France. 

leavetoremain-mainJersey Boys, excitingly marks the return of director Clint Eastwood on cinema screens. The film follows four boys in New Jersey, living on the wrong part of the city, and the ascension of their band in the 1960s, The Four Seasons. With this release, Eastwood signs his 36th feature film. The 37th, American Sniper, is already in post-production. 

Leave to Remain, finally for this week’s film round-up, tackles the subject of immigration from an unusual point of view: three teenagers are forced to leave their families to live in another – hostile – country (the UK). With a soundtrack made by Alt-J and a story focusing on young characters, the film guarantees to bring a fresh picture of the matter into cinemas.


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