Union Films: What’s Coming Up This Week (29/09/2014 – 05/10/2014)


Welcome back to the new year at Union Films, your student cinema right at the heart of campus. And welcome back to our weekly round-up of what we’re showing this week.

But first, what were we up to last week? Well we were at the Bunfight and Freshers’ Fayre letting all of you know what an awesome line up we’ve got this term as well as putting on some packed free screenings of Bad Neighbors, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Calvary in association with The Phoenix. And if that was not enough, we hosted one of our legendary Outdoor Screenings on Sunday of Aladdin. We’ve had a blast saying hello to you all, but there is more to come!

Edge Of Tomorrow, Tuesday 30th September at 7pm 

So we kick off this season with a big blockbuster from the summer. Starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, Edge Of Tomorrow is an action packed adventure with an intelligent story that will satisfy any science fiction fan.

Cage is a lieutenant in the US Special Forces who works as a PR man, never seeing the front line. However, when aliens begin invading earth, he is demoted and sent to the front line where he is instantly killed only to wake up back at the start of the day with full recollection of what has happened. With the help of Rita, they must help each other to use this to their advantage and stop the alien threat posed to earth.

‘Mastery of small, telling gestures’: Tom Hardy as a man who goes awol in Locke.Locke, Wednesday 1st October at 7.30pm

And now for something completely different. Construction worker Ivan Locke receives news that leads him to rush from Birmingham to London, leaving his wife, family and job all behind. Over the course of the journey he will have to face up to them and the decisions he has made over the course of his life.

Locke is a story of loyalty, the impact of our decisions and the repercussions of a one-night-stand. Shown in partnership with the Phoenix, this award winning triumph of British independent cinema is not a film to be missed!

Maleficent, Sunday 5th October at 5pm 

It’s the weekend so that means it is time to escape after the first week of lectures. What better than to revisit one of Disney’s classics.

Maleficent is a beautiful, pure hearted young woman leading a life in the idyllic forest kingdom until this reality is shattered by an invading army. Rising to protect the home she loves she is ruthlessly betrayed turning her heart to stone. Seeking the revenge she feels she deserves she curses newborn Aurora, daughter of the invading King’s successor, not realising that Aurora is the key to peace in the kingdom.

3824470-1537565928-godziGodzilla, Sunday 5th October at 8pm 

Rounding off the week we revisit another classic story, revamped for the 21st Century. Fifteen years after an incident at a nuclear power plant, a physicist and his soldier son discover exactly what happened. Reawakened, humanity can only watch and marvel as the world’s most famous monster take on humanity’s malevolent allies that threaten our existence thanks to the arrogance of a few scientists.

A truly epic films on every level, Godzilla is one not to be missed!

What else is on this week?

It’s not just movies this week either. Did you know that Union Films is entirely run by student volunteers? If you didn’t and want to know more then come along to our Get Involved Day on Thursday 2nd October in the Cinema at 7pm where you can find out what we do, speak to the committee and take a tour of the place.

Make sure you keep up to date with everything Union Films at our revamped website or on Facebook and Twitter.


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