Union Films: What’s Coming Up This Week (06/10/2014 – 12/10/2014)


Welcome back to your weekly round up of the best of cinema on show at Your Student Cinema, Union Films. Last week you could find us handing out with Godzilla, getting déjà vu balanced on the Edge of Tomorrow as well as revisiting our childhood with the untold story of Sleeping Beauty‘s villain Maleficent.

This week we’ve got eight films lined up including a triple helping of Dragons to get you all fired up, two cracking comedies that will have you in stitches and a very special musical screening sure to get any Directioners out there screaming from the rooftops. Plus, the first of our free Throwback Thursday events. More on all of that below.

22-jump-street22 Jump Street, Tuesday 7th October at 7pm

So lectures have begun again and frankly you may need a little more laughter right now. So who better than Officers Schmidt and Jenko, the two teenagers that never grew up, as 22 Jump Street crashes onto our screen.

This time they are going deep undercover at the local college to solve the case, but they might get a bit more than they bargained for when they start to question their partnership. And that’s not to mention the bohemian art major scene or the kindred spirit on the football team. True to the spirit of its predecessor, the jokes are fresh and funny making this a must see for any comedy fan.

blue-jasmineBlue Jasmine, Wednesday 8th October at 7.30pm

Our Phoenix film this week follows Jasmine French (Cate Blanchett) as she makes the wobbly transition from New York social star to emotional wreck in her sister’s San Francisco home.

Jasmine is haunted by the ghosts of her past and of the darker parts of her life that she has ignored for far too long. Throw in a bit of narcissism and it is the perfect recipe to mess up her life and the lives of those that live around her. Catch this mesmerising tale right here at half past seven prompt.

the-dark-knightThe Dark Knight, Thursday 9th October at 7pm

Here at Union Films we love classic cinema. We’re talking about those films that you can stick in the DVD player and watch any time and they still seem as good as the day you first saw them. That’s what Throwback Thursday is all about and our first film is Christopher Nolan’s epic: The Dark Knight.

In this pitch black thriller Batman takes on the criminal gangs that roam the streets in an effort to get crime off the streets once and for all. However, he soon has to face something new: the criminal mastermind and lord of chaos, The Joker. Arguably one of the best superhero films to be made this film needs to be seen; and with free entry to all Throwback Thursday events, there’s no excuse not to!

1d-movieOne Direction: Where We Are – The Concert Film, Saturday 11th October at 1pm

Directioners: this is for you. Across the country for one weekend only the five boys are hitting the big screen. Charting their journey from Saturday nights on X Factor to the biggest arenas in the world and featuring fifteen minutes of exclusive footage, this is something fans everywhere will not want to miss.

And if that wasn’t enough then at Union Films anyone can join in with this unique event for only £8 (that’s three pounds cheaper than a student ticket at Odeon)! So bring your friends and sing along to this extraordinary public event.

how-to-train-your-dragonHow To Train Your Dragon, Saturday 11th October at 5pm

Here be Dragons! Quite literally as we say hello again to Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III and his brilliant dragon Toothless.

The tiny island of Berk has several problems: freezing cold temperatures, a stubborn population of Vikings and a quite extraordinary pest issue. Dragons of all shapes and sizes raid the island every day with only the hardy Vikings there to stop them. Except that Hiccup doesn’t fall into that category so instead of fighting dragons he instead breaks down all the social boundaries by befriending one. One of the most captivating animations of recent years this is a must see.

dragon2How To Train Your Dragon 2, Saturday 11th October at 8pm (3D) and Sunday 12th October at 8pm (2D)

If the first adventure whetted your appetite then make sure you join us when we return to Berk for How To Train Your Dragon 2. Five years has now passed and with the Vikings riding on the back of Dragons the world just got a whole lot bigger.

And with a bigger world Hiccup and Toothless new face several new dragons, a mysterious new dragon rider whose control over the dragons is like nothing either of them has ever seen before. This fun and thrilling adventure will take you on a brilliant journey, so hold on tight!

frankFrank, Sunday 12th October at 5pm

Rounding off the week we have Frank a comedy starring Michael Fassbender as the man behind the papier mache mask in a story loosely based on Frank Sidebottom.

Jon (Domhnall Gleeson) has a strong interest in music and so he seems the perfect person to join the eccentric ‘Soronprfbs’ band led by Frank. Together they move to Ireland, record an album and become internet sensations from their rehearsal sessions on YouTube.

That rounds up another great week of cinema at Union Films! Remember you can buy tickets for all the films at www.unionfilms.org/boxoffice and remember to get the latest on our Website, Facebook and Twitter.


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