Nostalgic News: Foo Fighters release There Is Nothing Left to Lose 15 years ago today


On the 2nd November 1999, Foo Fighters released their third studio album entitled There Is Nothing Left to Lose marking a turning point for the band with frontman Dave Grohl famously stating the album “might be his favourite album that they’ve ever done”.

The album led the band to win their first Grammy Award, Best Rock Album, two years later in 2001. This album would demonstrate a new sound that was more experimental and softer than previous albums such as The Colour and The Shape with great tracks like ‘Stacked Actors’, ‘Aurora’, ‘Ain’t It the Life’ and perhaps most famously ‘Learn To Fly’

There Is Nothing Left to Lose would mark the first appearance of acclaimed drummer Taylor Hawkins who replaced William Goldsmith and would go on to remain with the band, helping to form part of the ‘official’ line-up. The band’s third album would proceed to mark the point that the Foo Fighters branded their experimental and often unique sound and would leave to multiple more awards.


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