Union Films: What’s Coming Up This Week (10/11/14 – 16/11/14)


Another week of screenings pass, and so we are drawn another week closer to our premier release of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1! I’m sure you’re all as ready as we are for one of our most exciting releases this year, so to keep you busy we have an incredible line-up this week, filled with some of the most explosive films of 2014 and a few timeless classics that we can’t wait to screen to you at Union Films.

Details on the where’s and when’s are to follow, as well as how to get involved with your student cinema.

The Expendables 3, Tuesday 11th November at 7:00pm the-expendables-3

The first of our films this week is the hard-hitting, speech-slurring, explosive powerhouse that makes Michael Bay’s filmography seem like an infant schools firework display (quite fitting, considering), The Expendables 3!

Stallone, Arnie and the gang of action film heroes return for another bout with global terrorism. Although this time, an old friend, Stonebanks (Mel Gibson) stands in the way of Barney Ross (Stallone), his armoury of battle-hardened friends and numerous new recruits. This film provides you with thrills like no other, including Arnie screaming “GET TO THE CHOPPA”.

Jimmy’s Hall, Wednesday 12th November at 7:30pmjimmys-hall

This week’s Phoenix screening is Ken Loach’s magnificent portrayal of Depression-Era Ireland. At a time society was manipulated by religious and fascist bodies, Jimmy Gralton (Barry Ward) returns to upset the apple cart and allow the people of his village the chance for recreation in the old town hall.

The singing, dancing and other frivolous activities may be all good fun for some, but people who think and unite are difficult to manipulate, aren’t they? From that moment on they will use every means possible to get rid of Jimmy and his “dangerous” hall.

Borat, Thursday 13th November at 7:15pm borat

Sacha Baron Cohen, star of the hilarious Da Ali G Show, brings Borat to life for the benefit of the glorious nation of Kazakhstan! When this first hit cinemas, jaws dropped at its tongue-in-cheek, controversial comedy and since then it has been revered as one of the most original and hilarious mockumentary films of this generation.

Borat (Baron Cohen) travels to America to research and experience the culture. However America does a number on his filming partner Azamat (Davitian) and takes them on a journey full of devious and dangerous antics. VERY NICE!

The first in our Movember night of films, this screening is in association with RAG. Entry is free, although donations to Movember are encouraged on the night.

Anchorman, Thursday 13th November at 8:45pmanchorman

Earlier this year, we were once again left in fits of laughter after Ron Burgundy and the news team returned to the big screen! But Union Films want to take you all back to where it all started… in San Dieaaagooooo.

Will Ferrell, Steve Carrell and Paul Rudd ARE the news! In this adventure, Ron (Ferrell) competes alongside something far worse than a giant dinosaur, talking apes or raccoons with chain guns… a female news anchor (Applegate). Who will reign as the star of the San Diego news? Find out this Thursday!

This screening is in association with RAG. Entry is free, although donations to Movember are encouraged on the night.

sin-citySin City, Saturday 15th November at 5pm

We here at Union Films love a double-bill, and what better one to fill your weekend with than Sin City? We kick the duo off with the first and original film, which brought the Sin City Graphic Novels to life.

In the dark and miserable town of Basin City four criminals are on the loose each with their own story to tell: one is on a mission to avenge his true love, one takes the law into his own hands, a cop risks all to protect a girl and a hit man is looking to make a little cash.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, Saturday 15th November at 8pm and Sunday 16th November at 8pm.


And to finish the pair off, we have this years glorious return to the film-noir genre with A Dame to Kill For. Not only that, but we are showing A Dame to Kill For in all its 3D glory! Not a fan of 3D I hear? Thought the graphics of Avatar were slightly overhyped? Then fear not! You can catch a 2D showing of A Dame to Kill For with us on Sunday at 8:00pm.

This time classic characters and familiar stories cross paths with new and notorious characters from Basin City leading to even grimmer consequences.

They Came Together, Sunday 16th November at 5:00pmthey-came-together

Paul Rudd’s showing up quite a bit this week isn’t he? Hmm… I’m sure that he’ll be a tad different in this romantic hit than Anchorman’s Brian Fantana. I’m pretty certain of that, 60% of the time I’m right.

Anyway! Come to Union Films and get all soppy over They Came Together!


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