La Roux – In For The Kill (US Version)


Now, I know what your thinking, La Roux – that’s so 2009. And yes, you’d be correct, unless you live in the US of A where Elly Jackson and silent partner Ben Langermaid are trying to break through. Slightly re-edited the duo are attempting to crack stateside the same way they smashed the UK; by going in for the kill. Having already made a quick success with free a free remix album Lazerproof compiled by Major Lazer and ‘Bulletproof’ reaching number eight in the ‘Bilboard top 100’ Ellie’s hoping she can capitalise. The video itself is set in a weird decrepit hotel and has strong hints of a prostitution theme, a stark contrast to the original 80’s inspired car sequence from the original. The video feels like it has no direction and there is little storyline for the dark images it tries to represent. The single may do well (albeit without a helping hand from a dubstep direction) but the video probably wasn’t worth the effort.


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