OK GO Win Video of the Year and Best Rock Video


The ‘made-for-youtube’ band have always tried to be innovative in their videos, which ultimately made them famous, and they have received their latest accolades from the UK Music Video Awards 2010 for the domino-effect video for ‘This Too Shall Pass’.

The ‘reminiscent-of-that-Honda-advert’ video shows the band performing throughout a Rube-Goldberg Machine as objects move other objects and so on culminating in the band being splattered with paint.

It’s ingenious and interesting on the one hand but dull on the other. Its been done before or at least feels that way and never captures the same sparkle as the video for ‘Here It Goes Again’. Personally I prefer the other video for ‘This Too Shall Pass’ – a much more surreal affair, unexpected and just a bit weird. Check them out below and see what you think…

Other notable awards went to director, Daniel Wolfe, who won five out of his 11 nominations, including Best Director, for his collaborations with Plan B.


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