Klaxon’s ‘Twin Flames’ – A Step Too Far or Video Genius?


‘Twin Flames’ is Klaxons second single off of their second album Surfing The Void. Thats probably the most normal thing about it though. Returning after a 3 year abscence the band have taken a darker weirder route with their new material, tracks on the album painting pictures of parrallel universes and conspirocies. That was all managable but the new video for ‘Twin Flames’ takes it to an alltogether different level. The video depicts bandmates, Jamie Reynolds (Southampton local), Rames Righton, Simon Taylor-Davis and Steffan Halperin as well as other female models, fully clothed to begin, but quickly decends into a fully fledged orgy. The director, persumably at the bands dicression has kept the indecency to a tollerable level by an interesting arrangement of bodily limbs to cut out too many private areas.  With the music video market becoming increasingly competitive is this a step too far, a desperate attempt to gain quick publicity for an alltogether average single from an average album or is a completly accesptable use of their artistic licence?

The full video can be viewed below.

Warning the following video contains scenes of a sexual nature


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