Advent Calendar 2011: Day 13 (#Tags)


Well, day 13 is something pretty special. Everyone who knows me on a personal level (or a professional level, due to this article) will know that I am a huge fan of local band #Tags, featuring Southampton University brothers Patrick and Ciarán McManus. Today’s video has already been covered by SUSUtv (on day 1 of their advent calendar, no less!), but I think it deserves another share by your SUSU Media department.

Below is a video of a live performance by the brothers of ‘I Mean It When I Say I Love You’, a song from the band’s first EP Summer, and a consistent crowd favourite. The song was performed for SUSUtv’s brand new chat show Talk the Talk, which can be viewed on the SUSUtv website. It is an absolutely incredible song, with wonderful vocal harmonies and sweet lyrics, which I will continue to cite as a reason for the band’s potential future fame.


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