Video: Woman dancing at bus stop in Eastleigh goes viral


A woman from Eastleigh has found herself at the centre of a viral video, as she was recorded dancing at a bus stop.

In the recording, the woman is initially seen swaying but her dance moves soon escalate to include air-punches and keyboard playing. At one point she can also be seen twizzling her finger in the air, seemingly oblivious to passers-by. The video ends when she is seen boarding a Bluestar bus.

It is unclear what song the woman was dancing to, but Abba’s ‘Dancing Queen’ is played over the top of the recording.

The video uploaded to Youtube on 12th April has already accumulated over 114,000 views. Another video featuring the same woman dancing was uploaded yesterday (14th April).

It is still unclear who the woman at the centre of the video is.


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