Author Annabelle Asker

Head of Events for The Edge magazine. Keen concert goer and angry feminist. Shared recycled oxygen on a 12 hour flight with Foals.

Total articles: 80

Brighton’s city based festival is back for its tenth year, boasting the newly iconic Stormzy as its main headliner, along with a whole heap of new artists wildly varying in genre (19/05/16-21/05/16).

Albums 8.0

A more expensive, well produced album that is bound to sell well and fill concert venues, but doesn’t lose that edge that Foals bring and conquer the indie music scene with.


Somersault Festival is a unique experience, quite unlike any mainstream event. Combining wellbeing and good times, this is not a festival for the raucous (24/07/15-26/07/15).

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