Preview: Peace at Portsmouth Pyramids Centre


Indie groove rockers, Peace, return to Portsmouth to play at the Pyramids Centre following the release of their 2015 smash hit record, Happy People. The four piece are known for their psychedelic sound and their eccentric style, earning them a spot amongst the great Indie bands of our generation. They have earned a space on the playlist of any self-respecting alternative music fan, and bring an air of sophisticated grunge to a music scene dominated by dirt.

The band is formed of Harrison Koisser (the crooning lead vocalist whose lyrics consist of love, summer daze, and androgyny), his brother Samuel Koisser (the all-star bass guitarist), Doug Castle (every teen indie girls favourite guitar player), and Dom Boyce (drummer and all round nice guy). Happy People brings their sound to a more polished position, earning it a mostly positive set of reviews from critics. The lyrics steer away from the broody romance of In Love, with catchy tracks like ‘Money’ and ‘I’m A Girl’ taking them in a more pop oriented direction, hoping to, and succeeding, in capturing the hearts of a larger fan base.

The four-piece will be joined on the road by Splashh, a little known gem of a band hailing from Australia. Splashh remain relatively small on the music scene, despite supporting the likes of Indie giants Swim Deep and Spector in their early days. A band to watch, their latest release ‘Pure Blue’ incorporates their original drawling vocals and messy riffs with a synth backdrop and a strong nod towards Tame Impala and The Horrors. They encapsulate summer in an earful.

Peace are likely to go one of two ways. Either continue on their path of fame and glory, or fade into the background. Either way, their live shows are unmissable.

Happy People is out now and tickets for their Portsmouth date are available here.


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