Dukes to Dresses: Bridgerton Season 2! Spicy or a Flop?


In 2022, Netflix (But mostly Shonda Rhimes) gifted us with Bridgerton series 2. There may have been bother amongst fans for the lack of spicy scenes (*cough* ladder. Or anywhere vacant of people- Speaking of which, guys, be a bit more discreet. I’m convinced a member of staff would have tried to use the library at which point they’d have to tip-toe back to where they came from), but there was a lot of love shared for this year’s Lord and Lady. Series 2 presented former rake Anthony Bridgerton (played by Jonathon Bailey) on his quest to find a wife. Not a love match, a wife. Having had his heart broken by Sienna in series 1, he made the choice to find a wife with his family in mind, rather than his heart. The quest appears tiresome and quite comical. Doesn’t everyone keep a list of their potential lovers to hand? Lord Bridgerton is, how we say in these modern times, easy on the eye, rich, and an eligible bachelor. He sets his eyes on Miss Edwina Sharma to the dismay of her older sister Kate (played by Simone Ashley), who overhears his plan of marrying without love. Kate does as any sister would, and attempts to keep Lord Bridgerton at bay. So begins his quest to woo Edwina in spite of Kate. All the while a heated tension arises between Anthony and Kate. Now, excuse me, as I’m about to use a word that may be triggering! The pair vex one another which makes for a stimulating back and forth. There are some awkward, tense and hot scenes to follow which makes for a thrilling and eventful sequel to the highly proclaimed series 1.

Series 2 delves into why Anthony is opposed to a love match, as well as the blossoming relationships of the other 7 Bridgerton siblings, which are essential to the seasons to follow. Going by the books by Julia Quinn that inspired the series, we know that each season centres around a Bridgerton sibling. Unlike the books, the next series yet to premier will look at Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington. When we last see the pair in season 2, Penelope (Nicola Coughlan) had just been discovered as Lady Whistledown by Eloise, causing a large rift in their friendship. Distraught, Penelope wanders out to the garden party, stumbling past Colin discussing her impertinently. I would never dream of courting Penelope Featherington, not in your wildest dreams. To which the group of men surrounding him laugh.

I really felt for Penelope in this moment, knowing how highly she regarded him. It’s the typical invisible-girl-who-loves-the-popular-guy situation. We know from series like Normal People that this can work, however, I’m in favour of Penelope finding her happiness elsewhere. Why choose someone that wouldn’t look at you twice when there are other suitors more worthy of your time? 

As a good series does, it’s left me with lots of questions. What will Eloise and Penelope’s relationship be like now that she knows Lady Whistledown’s true identity? Will Lady Whistledown stop writing or change tack? Will we get updates on the blossoming romances of Daphne and Simon, as well as Anthony and Kate? And of course the question that’s on all of our minds, will anyone notice that Penelope’s rolling in money? Proving it IS possible to have a thriving business in a male dominated world. Ladies, let’s take note.

Bridgerton Season 2 is available to view on Netflix! Watch the trailer here:


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