Water, Wellies and Wee: Diary of a Festival Goer (Part 1)


The Festival; the epitome of musical euphoria…and if it weren’t for the portaloos, the drunken regrets and the traditional tent-burning ceremony, the music would be all that we remember.  From the big-leagues of Glastonbury and Reading, to the comparative intimacy of this year’s Isle of Wight Festival, our EDGE writers have experienced it all…and fortunately for us, they also aren’t afraid to hand over their festival diaries – divulging all of those not-so-nice details that came with the foray into this year’s fraternity of festivals.  So prepare to imagine you’re back in those wellies, as The EDGE fondly remembers another eccentric and exciting festival season.

Name: Hayley Taulbut

From: Southampton

Festival: Reading Festival

In between the usual complaints of mud and long drops, I only had one other complaint at Reading Festival: The SEAT human car wash – a walkthrough shower where participants are lathered up by women in bikinis. In theory, I have no issue, but where are the men in bikinis? Or speedo’s for that matter? And why on earth would any sane man want anyone touching their goolies after not having washed them for a few days?  The thought is enough to make my toes curl. The likelihood is that all the participants went and splashed around in the mud directly after anyways, so the whole process was essentially pointless.

Best act: Weezer, by a country mile – there was major mud diving and crowd participation that exceeded all other acts over the weekend.

Worst act: Guns n’ Roses? Am I allowed to say that based solely on other peoples opinions?


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