Water, Wellies and Wee: Diary of a Festival Goer (Part 4)


Name: Hayley Taulbut

From: Southampton

Festival: Glastonbury Festival of Performing Arts

Glorious is the only word to describe the weather at Glastonbury festival this year. Hotter than Rio, warmer than Mexico, the festival that is usually blessed with more rain than you knew was physically possible for a mere weekend, was scorched the whole weekend instead. Imagine, then, my surprise at being caught in the only concentrated downpour of the weekend. Approaching the Brothers Cider bus (a personal highlight of the whole festival), it looked like a pipe had exploded in the vicinity – there was water everywhere. One girl even turned to me and said: “Is it raining cider?” It certainly was, but it was also raining water too. For about 5 solid minutes, the heavens opened, and unsuspecting punters were saturated. When returning to the Pyramid Stage dripping wet, the rest of the group thought I had gone mental: Rain? At Glastonbury? You must be joking! Maybe it was punishment for indulging in the festival juice for five days straight!

Best Act: Surprisingly (and don’t hold it against me) the Scissor Sisters – there were bare bottoms, Kylie Minogue, and theatricals aplenty!

Worst Act: Kate Nash – her shout-come-singing voice was just too much with a hangover.


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