The Angle – Week 1


Welcome to a brand new feature termed The Angle: we’re that quirky little thing just around the corner from The Edge. What is this you ask? Well, every week we will endeavour to try and provide you with some fresh new music that we believe deserves greater exposure to the general public. So look out for this every Monday, where there will be a few more new songs for you to digest.

1. Gauntlet Hair – ‘Top Bunk’

Gauntlet Hair are a new electronic duo from Denver, USA. They have an outstanding music style which is full of rhythmic, reverb-drenched electronic sounds, which echo from the walls like a warehouse factory floor. With a vocal style and subdued drum beats that can be compared to Animal Collective, the band could be posed for great things. ‘Top Bunk’, their most well composed song to date, is from their self-titled debut album.

2.  M83 – ‘Reunion’

‘Reunion’ is an album track from long-running electronic artist M83. Whether you’ve known them for ten years or ten minutes, this song just works on its own merit. Its whimsical guitar-led nature guides you through a catchy nonsensical hook, as well as a calming monologue voiced by Morgan Kibby. It’s the stuff dreams are made of… unfortunately the ‘Reunion’ YouTube video link has been copyrighted within the UK, but you can listen to the song here.

3. Orbital – ‘Never’

This is a new release from synthpop legends of the 90s Orbital, who have snuck back onto the music scene. They return with a subtle and minimal yet enchanting track, with a trance-like drumbeat building towards the middle of the song along with hypnotic repetition in the vocals. It’s a very refined performance, and isn’t ground-breaking by any means, but calmly has a great effect. The video really encapsulates the overall mood of the song perfectly, so be sure to give it a browse.

4. The Architects – ‘Devil’s Island’

The Architects are a metal band that have been around for some while now, and their last album got them some fairly regular radio play. This new single is a really powerful condemnation of the London riots. The lyrics and video send a pretty strong message, and from a relatively young British band just entering the public consciousness this is a pretty respectable feat, with the song itself being a very dominant force and quite accessible even to those who may not be fans of the genre.

5. Airship – ‘Spirit Party’

Although not strictly ‘new’ anymore, Airship are an indie rock band from Manchester that take some of their cues from the old scene of the past that influenced bands such as Joy Division. Their sound might appear chaotic, but the cheery lyrics are clearly juxtaposed against darker, melancholic guitar riffs and a brooding sound. ‘Spirit Party’ takes all of this, along with some ghostly group vocals, to create a stirring collection of music in their album Stuck in This Ocean.

Contributions from Joe Turner, David Gilani and David Martin.


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