The Angle – Week 2


Welcome to the brand new edition of The Angle. Make sure you check out our collection of new music this week!

1. Stevie Jackson – ‘Just, Just So to the Point’

Stevie Jackson is the lead guitarist in the veteran indie pop ensemble Belle & Sebastian, here seizing the opportunity for a seventies-infused solo outing while lead singer Stuart Murdoch produces his first foray into filmmaking. Jackson has a keen eye for playful lyrical puns, obligatory guitar solos and surprising skills on the piano. The album (I Can’t Get No) is currently streaming in full on his website, with a free download of the track ‘Man of God’, as he embarks on a national tour.

2. Hyde & Beast – ‘Pictures in the Sky’

Currently receiving rave reviews left, right and indeed centre, Hyde & Beast consists of the drummers from northern indie bands The Futureheads and Golden Virgins. Thankfully, their output contrasts refreshingly to their previous back-catologues, with a more laid-back easy listening vibe. Their self-titled debut album is out now, and the song ‘Pictures in the Sky’ is available as a free download on their website.

3. Films of Colour – ‘Slow Burn’

‘Slow Burn’ is a cover by Films of Colour, which was first introduced by David Bowie on his album Heathen. Although originally a quiet song, the band have managed to stamp their own mark on this with high tempo hooks, subtle synths and soaring vocals. This dramatic atmosphere is weaved into all of their songs to date and has earned the praise of Bowie himself, who has posted it on his fan page, leaving the band poised for greater success.

4. We Have Band – ‘Visionary’

We Have Band are a three-piece electro pop band from London who have issued a new single after the release of their self-titled debut album in 2010. This time they return with a more polished performance while still retaining their core style of muddled melancholy through pianos, guitars and dynamic vocal effects. The mellow nature and uniform beat make ‘Visionary’ a very distinctive and promising song.

Contributions from Rob Leane and David Martin.


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